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What is the effect of the use of transglutaminase on the overall meat environment as it affects microbial activity?  Generally, our goals and priority’s are:

Achieving water salt phase of 20% or more (as it related to the moisture content in the formula (% NaCl x 100/ (% + moisture) = %);  Much work on this still remains, especially in a reduced sodium environment.  As I have mentioned already, focused development work is under way by myself on this and results will be made available very soon.

What exactly is the water salt phase %?

Water activity

 Maintaining brine to meat ratio that will maximise anti-microbial and anti-botulinal efficacy.  Meat to brine ratios of up to 20% brine to 80% meat has been used without the need for any other functionals besides sodium nitrite, sodium ascorbate or erythorbate and phosphates.

What exactly is the water activity?

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