Transglutaminase functions as a biological glue.  It is important in cell-matrix interaction and the general maintenance of tissue integrity through the creation of isopeptide bonds (inducing the process of cross-linking) between Glutamine and Lysine residues when the protein molecule is enriched with this amino acid.  Extensive work has been done on the benefit of such functionality in the restructuring of meat trim, but few formal studies focused on its benefit of restructuring large muscle pieces such as shoulders or loins.

I have been production manager of a bacon company which I started in 2008 with Oscar Klynveld for 6 years.  I developed a system of using grids and TG in combination to create bacon logs that fit specific slicers, resulting in slicing yields of 98%.  In South Africa, bacon is injected between 20 and 30%.  I achieve production yields of between 20% and 25%.  The power of the system is such that any yield can be targeted and will be achieved with amazing regularity.  When I left the company I started in 2018, Woodys Consumer Brands (Pty) Ltd produced 15 tonnes of bacon using this system per day.

I did two articles on Transglutaminase which forms the basis of Part 1 and Part 2 of this booklet.  I give this as the scientific underpinnings of the system.  I am available for consulting work to assist bacon producers to implement the same system.

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